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Bringing accessible STEAM to our community through fun educational events that leave kids walking away with more knowledge than ever before. All of our current classes are virtual for the foreseeable future!

Children's Dentist

STEAM for the Hospitalized 

This initiative was spearheaded by 12-year-old Vinaya Gunasekar, an ambassador of ours at The STEAM Connection. She is a young changemaker, environmental activist, FIRST Robotics member, and upcoming Bots with Boyer podcast co-host. She is raising money to bring STEAM educational kits to hospitalized kids in Michigan that have been isolated due to the virus. We are accepting donations as the fees for two of our classes co-taught by Vinaya. $10 is the suggested donation. 


CAD for Charity

Learn about the world of engineering, robotics, and 3D modeling through a kids CAD software. We will be teaching students how to CAD a robot design that emulates designs from Boston Dynamics.

We will be teaching step-by-step how to access the software, create a design ready to 3D print, and export the design. This class covers engineering basics, graphical symbols, how to pan and zoom on the platform, manipulating shapes, publishing your design, and much more.

We will bring in a guest judge and mechanical design expert to review the designs that the students create. The winner of the challenge will receive a free 3D print of their design!*

You will need a mouse and laptop/desktop for this class. 

*Restrictions apply. 


Middle School

July 18th, 2020

Suggested Donation: $10 USD

Environment Activists Protest

Middle School

July 17th, 2020

Suggested Donation: $10 USD

Environmental Science: Getting Involved

Environmental science is a hot topic... literally. Getting involved in environmental activism from a young age is the key to creating a better future for us all. Come learn how to get involved in environmental activism from your own community and how to spearhead your own initiatives that are effective and helpful. Learn about teamwork, entrepreneurship skills, finding relevant and reliable scientific resources, and more. Also, learn about how Indigenous peoples are land protectors and how to uplift and acknowledge the Indigenous peoples around you.

Hear from role model Vinaya Gunasekar, a young changemaker and environmental activist from Troy, MI who is also an ambassador for The STEAM Connection. She is the upcoming co-host of our podcast, Bots with Boyer. Also hear from our founder, Danielle Boyer, an Indigenous teen who is an environmental activist, educator, and much more.

Electronic Wires

Your Instructors for the STEAM for the Hospitalized Initiative 

Meet our founder, Danielle Boyer, and our youngest ambassador Vinaya Gunasekar. We will be bringing in surprise guest speakers and experts and a guest judge for our CAD class. 


Danielle Boyer

Danielle is an Indigenous teen entrepreneur, author, educator, and inventor from Troy, MI who founded The STEAM Connection. She has worked in STEAM education since she was ten-year-old and continuously works to increase STEAM educational accessibility, affordability, and diversity for children.

Changemaker, Ambassador
Vinaya Gunasekar, 12

Vinaya is a 12-year-old student and future engineer. She is our youngest ambassador here at The STEAM Connection, a dedicated environmental activist, upcoming podcast co-host, and STEAM enthusiast. Her being on a FIRST Robotics team has helped give her the skills to start her own STEAM for the Hospitalized initiative. 

The COVID-19 Robotics Initiative

Free virtual classes for students who are BIPOC and who love robotics, design, and science and want to learn more from their own homes during the pandemic. Sign-ups are open now with more on the way.


The world of electronics and circuitry can be a confusing one, but it is a pivotal one that can be easily understood with the right teaching. Join us to learn about electrical engineering, circuits, soldering and why electrical engineering is important in our everyday lives. Also, learn how to continue electronics learning at home with different free online software and kits that can be found through Adafruit and Amazon.

This class will be taught by two accomplished Electrical Engineering students, Danielle Boyer, our founder, and Michelle Chuang, a designer. Michelle studies at the University of Washington and has designed mobility vehicles for children with cerebral palsy. devices utilizing echolocation, and Disney-inspired lights that change based on your mood.

Computer Circuit Board

Elementary School

August 12th, 2020

Recycled Cardboard

Elementary School

July 19th, 2020

Recycling Technology

Back by popular demand, we are teaching on recycling technologies... this time virtually! This is one of our founder's favorite topics because it covers the world of engineering, technology, and environmental science. From near-infrared spectroscopy to recycling identification devices, learn about another way engineering impacts our lives. Learn about different technologies that affect our everyday lives, how to start your own engineering project, and how to engage in your community through recycling. 


Learn about the nitty-gritty of microbiology and the importance of biology careers in our everyday lives. See glow in the dark bacteria and learn about bioluminescence. Who said virtual classes couldn't be fun? Hear again from one of our board members, Varun Sridhar, an accomplished scientist and microbiology student at the University of Washington. 


Middle School

July 17th, 2020

The COVID-19 Robotics Initiative

 Free classes for minority middle school students who love robotics, design, and science and want to learn more from their own homes during the pandemic. Most of our sessions are still open so sign up today!

Past Events - June 2020

Middle School

June 27th - June 28th, 2020

Every Kid Gets a Robot

Receive a free Every Kid Gets a Robot kit, assemble it as a class, and learn how it works. Understand more about the world of engineering and design from the inventor of the robot. Click the link to apply to be a part of this weekend class.

These sessions were taught by our founder, Danielle Boyer. Hear from guest speakers Toby Scnaar, an employee of Dassault Systemes and mechanical engineering influencer. Also hear from Navajo student, Shawn Ray

Recycling in Different Communities

Learn about the world of recycling and how different communities recycle and care for their environment. Understand more about Indigenous communities and how they are our world's land protectors. See

Taught by our founder, Danielle Boyer.

Organic Vegetable Farm

Middle School

June 5th 2020

Boyer_Danielle_2020 - 4.jpg

Middle School

June 21st, 2020

How I Made a Robot Using SOLIDWORKS

Learn about how the robot Every Kid Gets a Robot was designed by our founder using the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software called SOLIDWORKS and understand more about robotics design and the world of engineering from the perspective of our teen founder. We will also be joined by guest Rob Maldonado to hear about his work as a CAD influencer and SOLIDWORKS ambassador.

Different Types of Engineers: Q&A

There is more to engineering than meets the eye. Meet a diverse group of engineers who love their job in everything from robotics to designing for social media. This is an opportunity to learn about jobs you otherwise may have never known about and to ask questions. 

A huge thank you to our speakers Rob Maldonado, Aidan Aird, Shawn Ray, Michelle Chuang, Jorvon Moss, Aishwarya Arvind, and Danielle Boyer.

Engineering Plans

Open for All

June 26th, 2020

Middle School

July 1st, 2020

Becoming a Young Inventor

Are you an inventor or someone who plans on being one? Learn from a teen inventor who has brought her work to thousands. She will teach about her inventions, lessons that she has learned, and how she has scaled her work. She will offer tips and tricks on how to get your work out there and how to keep your proprietary information safe. She will also talk about awards, resumes, and working to accomplish your goals. 

Taught by our founder, Danielle Boyer.

Meet a Student Microbiologist: Q&A

There is more to biology than meets the eye! Learn from a minority student attending the University of Washington on what being a microbiologist and an up-in-coming researcher is like. Garner college tips and tricks and further hone in on what kind of science path is in store for your future! There will also be glow in the dark bacteria!

Taught by one of our board members, Varun Sridhar.

Embryonic Stem Cells

Middle School

July 1st, 2020

CAD: Computer Aided Design

Learn about the world of manufacturing and how to design your own robot concept in the SOLIDWORKS App for Kids. All you need is a mouse and an internet connection and we will CAD together as a class!

Taught by our founder, Danielle Boyer.

Today with _benzenebots4384 and the Futu

Middle School

June 20th, 2020

Past Events - January 2020

Grades 4-7


Weeknight STEM Jam

Innovative Tech: Recycle & Recreate

Grades K-3


Grades 4-7


Science in our World

Random Robot Wednesday

Grades 4-7


Grades 4-6


Build-A-Robot Weekend

The Secret of Colored Plastics: Online

Grades 6-8


Grades K-3


Barbie STEAM Night

Simple Circuits for Little Ones

Grades K-3


Grades 4-5


Creative Technology: CAD

Book Development

Grades 4-5


Grades K-3


Protecting our Earth at Home

Intensive Public Speaking Skills

Grades 9-12



Archived Events

5/24/19 - 8/16/19
Engineering Design Club

A summer course to teach engineering design skills to students going into 7th grade (2019-20 school year) from Oakland County, Michigan. This course will cover prototyping skills, computer-aided design lessons, how to design to 3D-print, how to build a robot, reading electrical diagrams, and more. Students get to take their designs, a robot, and their own 3D-prints home. Additionally, we will be entering design competitions as a group to boost both their skills and resumes. Optional drop-in sessions will be available for competition project guidance. 



Where: Troy, Michigan USA
Time: 4-6 PM

5/24/19 - The Design Process
6/7/19 - Designing to 3D Print Sustainably 
6/21/19 - Materials and Reverse Engineering: Designing in an Environmentally Conscious Way
7/5/19 - Designing to Integrate New Technology in Architectural Applications & Every Kid Gets a Robot Assembly
7/19/19 - Electrical Diagramming and Every Kid Gets a Robot Wiring
8/2/19 - Programming Introduction: Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, Apps, and the Mindstorm Robot
8/16/19 - Video Shoot, Robot Fun, & Cupcakes (Student's will get their class projects, Every Kid Gets a Robot, and a certificate of completion).

Read about each class and what we did on our blog.


Optional Drop-In Competition Guidance

Based on student interest, we will be entering STEM competitions as a group or as individuals. The guidelines and brainstorming sessions will be done in class, but extra guided work time will be done during these sessions. The majority of the competition work is encouraged to be done on individual time.

Where: Troy, Michigan USA

Time: 6-8 PM


5/25/19 & 6/8/19- Apollo Art Contest, TIMES for Kids Contest
6/22/19, 7/6/19, & 7/20/19 - You Make it Challenge by Rockwell Automation

5/27/19 - 8/28/19
The Detroit Maker Faire

"Don’t miss Maker Faire® Detroit’s 10th anniversary, celebrating a decade of makers, entrepreneurs and inventors. It’s the biggest geek-culture party in the Great Lakes and it’s happening at Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

This year’s mind-bending invention extravaganza features more art, more biz wizardry and more kid-focused fun than ever, plus a NEW main stage filled with entertainment of all kinds, from music to circus acts and speed talks. Celebrity LeVar Burton will be our master maker emcee, adding geeky gravitas to the festivities. 

Explore how the past fuels the future as we activate rarely-seen artifacts from the collections of The Henry Ford. Join us as we fire up historic arcade games, a century-old electric car and our massive steam engines. Even the artisans of Greenfield Village are crashing the midway this year with a new look at wheel-thrown pottery, a mobile glass hotshop and a nail punch tin activity for crafters.

Hard to describe and harder to forget, Maker Faire® Detroit is what happens when thousands of people share their beautiful, crazy genius with you. Enter as a curious visitor and leave as a maker in the spirit of American innovation." - The Henry Ford


Join The STEAM Connection at the Detroit Maker Faire. See Every Kid Gets a Robot, take home your own illustrated STEAM pages, learn about our student's projects, and even assemble a robot yourself at our workshops! Our workshop The STEAM Connection: Making Robotics Accessible will be available at 12 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Our booth will be in Lovett Hall. Be sure to check it out!  

7/15/19 - 7/17/19
Fisher Unitech: Future of Manufacturing 3D Printing Summer Camp for Teens

Fisher Unitech Description:

Do you have the passion to change the world and love to "geek out" with technology? That’s what engineering is all about.

To help build the next generation of engineers Fisher Unitech is offering our first ever 3D engineering summer camp for students entering 9th-12th grades. During these one-day camps, students will learn a basic introduction to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and 3D printing. Teens will discover how to start using cutting-edge technologies that will advance the way products are designed and manufactured today and in the future.

What you will experience:

  • Hear from local teen, entrepreneur, and advocate for the STEAM Community Danielle Boyer

  • Get started with learning about SOLIDWORKS with a hands-on session

  • Learn about 3D printing and how it is revolutionizing manufacturing

What you will take home:

  • Student edition of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software

  • Every Kid Gets a Robot, a robot that you can use for your continued education