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Supporting Diné authors and children in the Navajo Nation through free books. This fundraiser is still ongoing and we need your support!

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The Navajo Nation, which is over 27,000 square miles, has the most COVID-19 infections per capita. Many students do not have access to WiFi and the virus has led to decreased access to important educational resources like in-person schooling, summer programs, and camps. Many children are not able to leave their homes/communities due to evening and weekend curfews and a stay at home order. These books will be a huge support to young Navajo children during these tough times by bringing light to their traditional stories of resilience. 


We are raising money to support Diné authors and children by buying Diné children’s books and sending them out to children for free through local COVID-19 Relief packages for families in Navajo Nation. 


According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018, less than 1% of published children’s books featured Indigenous characters. This means that Indigenous children have little access to characters that look like them, to books that are in their language, and to authors with their cultural background. 


Our goal is to raise $10k so that we can send out as many books as possible to kids across the Navajo Nation for free. This support is important to both the authors and the children who may not receive these books otherwise. (Links to COVID-19 relief funds below.)

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We are collecting funds through GoFundMe. 

Education Books Bookshelfs


Help us reach others with our fundraiser to bring more books to Navajo children. Use our fundraising graphics to post on your social media. We have a Twitter graphic, an Instagram graphic, and a graphic for your Facebook and Instagram stories. 

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The Books

A few of the books that we are purchasing to send to children in Navajo Nation. We highly recommend that you check them out to support these remarkable Diné authors! We will keep this list updated as we purchase more books.

Education Books Bookshelfs


We are currently buying the books right now and will keep the website updated with how many books we purchase, which ones, and where they are going. Thank you so much for your support!


All Eyes on Me by Rick Abasta

The collection is a mix of personal thought and memory not unlike those that fill every person’s day. The memories of youthful angst against conformity evolve into an introspective line of self-determination. Poems of family troubles blend into poems of love and heartbreak. Capitalism and classism make their way to a reservation backdrop exposing the invasion of western life into reservation blues.

First Laugh--Welcome, Baby!

In Navajo families, the first person to make a new baby laugh hosts the child's First Laugh Ceremony. Who will earn the honor in this story?

The First Laugh Ceremony is a celebration held to welcome a new member of the community. As everyone--from Baby's nima (mom) to nadi (big sister) to cheii (grandfather)--tries to elicit the joyous sound from Baby, readers are introduced to details about Navajo life and the Navajo names for family members.

Beauty Beside Me, Stories of My Grandmother's Skirts by Seraphine G. Yazzie

Grandmother cooks, weaves, and dances. She herds the sheep, makes cedar beads, and lulls tired grandchildren to sleep. While she does all these things, she wears her beautiful Navajo skirts - velvet skirts of many colors that swish and sway as she moves.Grandmother's life is filled with beauty of the best kind: beauty of kindness, beauty of family, and beauty of love. Her actions are a lesson to all those around her, especially to her bright-eyed and observant granddaughter. By following in the footsteps of her grandmother, the girl discovers the true meaning of beauty and the magic of a simple life well-lived.

Why Us?

This fundraiser was started by two Indigenous educators and authors both dedicated to serving underrepresented populations, with a focus on children through everything from health to robotics.

Joshuaa Allison-Burbank Diné & Acoma Pueblo

Little Moccasins Education Services

Joshuaa is a speech-language pathologist and early childhood researcher who works on the Navajo Nation. He is the founder of Little Moccasins Education Services (LMES) based on Waterflow, NM. Through LMES, Joshuaa provides culturally responsive early literacy instruction and consultation to tribal early childhood programs. His work focus on culturally responsive teaching practices, parent coaching, and kindergarten readiness. 


Danielle Boyer

The STEAM Connection

Danielle is a teen educator, author, inventor, and entrepreneur in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). She works to increase STEAM educational accessibility, affordability, and diversity through her nonprofit, The STEAM Connection, and her affordable robotics program Every Kid Gets a Robot. She is an award-winning speaker and volunteer who is currently studying both Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in undergraduate school.

Inclusive Storytime

Thank you Inclusive Storytime for your collaboration and efforts to help us reach more children with diverse content that represents them.

Diverse Kindergarten


All funds raised will be used to purchase books to send to Navajo children for free. We will not be using the funds to buy any of our own books, but to support other Indigenous authors and their work.

Support Navajo Families Being Affected by COVID-19

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