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Amplifying Youth Voices

When our stories and experiences are amplified, we show every child that they belong. They belong in technology. They belong as changemakers. They are meant to be here and our future. We speak up because we didn't see ourselves represented in STEM as kids, and wanted to change that. 

We are so thankful for the opportunity to make this change. We've been featured in hundreds of media features, advertisements, interviews, and podcasts. We've been featured by PEOPLE Magazine, MIT Solve, NBC, ABC News, Hulu, L'Oreal Paris, 3D Printing Nerd, Earth Island Institute, NPR, The Mars Generation, Dassault Systemes (SOLIDWORKS), and many more.

We are available for interviews and represent the youth voice of technology, representation, and creating a better future with robotics. Contact our team at for inquiries.

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