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Every Kid Gets a Robot

A robot that we developed for $18.95 to increase accessibility to STEAM materials to increase technical understanding and interest.

Every Kid Gets a Robot is an affordable 3D printed robot that costs less than $20 dollars and goes to kids for free. It was designed in 2019 by our then 18-year-old founder, Danielle Boyer. The robot began as a project through FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4384, Benzene Bots from International Academy East and later transformed into a project by The STEAM Connection. Designed in 3D design software, SOLIDWORKS, the robot chassis and wheels are 3D printed. Danielle developed this robot to increase access to affordable STEAM educational materials. The cost of many educational robots can be insurmountable to many families, and with Every Kid Gets a Robot, every child can access valuable STEAM learning that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Why robotics?

Robotics is a project-based method of teaching vital technical skills in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Project-based learning encourages competency in these STEAM skills that get carried onward into future careers and academics.

How do I Bring the Robots into my Community?

We have a few options. Please be patient for our response as our Founder, Danielle handles most of our email communications and we get thousands of emails a day.

Independent Access: On Your Own

Fill out our form to get access to our online robot materials to make your own robots from scratch. After our screening process, we provide our CADs for 3D printing, electrical diagrams, educational materials, and more. 

We do our best to screen everyone filling out our form quickly, but please be patient with us. We will get back to you when we can.

Ready to Go: The Kit

Get a kit with all of the materials needed to make a robot right away. We will send you a bag with all of the materials down to the connectors. There are limited quantities available due to time constraints. Each kit costs $18.95 dollars plus shipping and expedited parts. Due to high order numbers, we do not solder the motors or motor controllers ourselves unless there is a special request.

Ready to Go: Fully Assembled

You can order fully assembled robots from us. This option works well if you want to use the robots in the classroom to program and drive around, or if you have very young students. We have the highest amount of orders for this option and because of this, our lead time can be a couple of months. Our founder, Danielle Boyer, hand makes all of the robots herself. The robots are $18.95 dollars each plus shipping and expedited parts.