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Our Robots

Here at The STEAM Connection, we are fueled by the power of robots. We donate robots, develop robots that you've never seen before, and offer free robotics learning. 


Why? Because we believe in the power of robots and what they can do for our youth! Our robots are developed by youth for youth, and we know that robots can change our world for the better.

It's more than that though. Education in technology enables economic development, connectivity, and innovation. Technical skills are becoming increasingly more important in all areas, but underserved youth are getting left behind. When not exposed to essential educational programming focused on robotics, digital design, and coding, it is near impossible to break into the most influential fields and also to progress as a professional in nearly every industry. 

Educational robotics strengthen and support students' skills in developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots. They are project-based, teach a variety of important skills, and youth love them. They are truly the gateway to equitable technical learning.

So, we focus on making robots accessible because it's what we believe in. Will you join us on our journey?


What We do


Every Kid Gets a Robot (EKGAR) is a robot and learning platform that we provide to educational institutions interested in providing robotics programming to youth for free.

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Reseach and Development

We are always developing new robots to benefit our environment. Currently, we are developing robots with plant-based and biodegradable materials, a recycling robot, and a language learning robot.



We want everyone to be able to make robots, so we created Twenty. Twenty is an open-source educational robot that you can make for free.

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