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the future of robotics

Every Kid Gets a Robot (EKGAR) takes on a new life with BioBotz and will launch mid-2023.

Our robots shouldn't last longer in the world than us. So far, over 4,000 pounds of plastic have been used in just the body and the wheels of our robot. While made of our recycled plastic, we know we can do better.  Plastic pervades our waterways and our oceans. 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. 

Our founder, Danielle Boyer, knew that she could create something better and EKGAR: BioBotz was born.
She designed a biodegradable and plant based cardboard like paste that hardens in molds and replaces the plastic in the robots altogether. The goal is for our students to be able to manufacture the robots themselves in a classroom with a mold instead of a 3D printer using regional seedlings. We are also developing a method to extrude and harden the paste for the maker community.


EKGAR: BioBotz will be rolled out in 2022 to our rural Indigenous communities. All of our EKGAR robots come with a pre-programmed loop so that even students without Internet access can learn. We are currently looking for donors and collaborators to finish our work.



Verizon Forward For Good

This project and our founder are the recipient of the 2021 Verizon Forward For Good Challenge by Verizon and the Clinton Foundation, formally named the Verizon x CGI U Social Innovation Challenge. The award was given to us after a pitch competition, with the winners announced by Chelsea Clinton. Prior to the pitch competition, we received $5,000 dollars as a part of the program and mentorship.

The Clinton Foundation

VentureWell E-Team Grant Program

This project, our founder, and our resource manager were awarded as participants of the Venturewell E-Team Grant Program with $20,000 dollars in funding for the development and scale of our invention. We finished the program in the beginning of 2022.

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Volunteer materials, funding, or your time to help us bring our work to more youths! Email us if you want to be involved.

Media Inquiries

Want to share about Danielle and EKGAR: BioBotz? Reach out to us.

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