Our Team

Our team is entirely made up of STEAM students from across the United States who are passionate about bringing STEAM accessibility and affordability to kids worldwide.

Founder & President

Danielle Boyer


I am an Indigenous teen entrepreneur, author, educator, and inventor from Troy, MI who founded The STEAM Connection. I have worked in STEAM education since I was ten-years-old and continuously works to increase STEAM educational accessibility, affordability, and diversity for children. I am one of PEOPLE's 2020 Girls Changing the World. I am also on the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Electrical Engineering
Shawn Ray


Hi! My name is Shawn Ray and I'm currently a senior in Electrical Engineering. I've worked on research projects ranging from tools for NASA to artificial muscles, and now I'm working to expand STEAM based Indigenous groups on my college campus through organizations such as AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society).

Electrical Engineering
Michelle Chuang

I am a 4th year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Washington - Seattle concentrating in controls and embedded systems. My favorite robot I've created is an autonomous STEAM robot that had varied movement and display responses to different levels of ambient lighting. Some of my passions include STEAM outreach, interdisciplinary collaboration, and empowering others.

Varun Sridhar

I am a student microbiologist at the University of Washington - Seattle who is studying quorum sensing, a form of bacterial communication that controls gene expression. I am an advocate for STEAM education, having mentored FIRST Robotics Team 4384 Benzene Bots. I am a frequent STEAM instructor, having taught many microbiology and environmental educational classes.

STEAM Girls Ambassadors - Leads

Teen STEAM Changemaker
Aishwarya Arvind, 16

I am currently a senior at International Academy East in Troy, MI. I first was introduced to STEAM through FIRST Robotics Team 4384 Benzene Bots. I was inspired by FIRST and the members on my team, so I began to start my own programs like STEAM Sisters to bring girls into STEAM. 

Changemaker, Ambassador
Vinaya Gunasekar, 12

I am a 12-year-old student and future engineer. I am our youngest ambassador here at The STEAM Connection, a dedicated environmental activist, Hands-On Techie Talks co-host with Danielle Boyer, and STEAM enthusiast. My being on a FIRST Robotics team has helped give me the skills to start my own STEAM for the Hospitalized initiative. 

Teen Leaders

Resource Manager
Dakshesh Daruri, 17

I am currently a freshman at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor in Electrical Engineering. I have been with our organization since day one, seeing Danielle Boyer found the organization and soon stepping in to help with online communications and social media. I am an avid supporter of STEAM education, giving frequent lectures and teaching classes for The STEAM Connection.