Every Kid Gets a Robot

A robot that we developed for $18.95 to increase accessibility to STEAM materials to increase technical understanding and interest.

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Every Kid Gets a Robot is an educational robotics kit that costs $18.95 USD to manufacture and is sent to children, primarily girls and BIPOC students, for free. After our young founder saw the rising need for sustainable and accessible technical education within her own community, she developed the less than $20 dollar robot, in January of 2019. The app-controlled robot was designed to be simple to manufacture and assemble from anywhere in the world, consisting of four 3D printed pieces made of a bioplastic called PLA and low-cost WiFi and Bluetooth compatible ESP32 technology. This is a forward-thinking educational solution that is a game changer for many traditionally excluded populations. Since early 2019, we have distributed over 4,500 robots for free worldwide ourselves and have helped facilitate even more kits through our online Make-A-Robot virtual platform.


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Kids can't access technical education equally. 

Advancement in technology is a pivotal element of our ever-evolving society. Each day, improvements are made, raising the capabilities of what can be achieved and adversely creating an accessibility gap for children in lower socioeconomic brackets to enter the sector. Learning technical skills is necessary, and can seriously inhibit the growth of those left behind. When not exposed to quintessential programming focused on robotics, digital design, and coding, it is near impossible to break into, arguably, the most influential fields and also to progress as a professional in nearly every industry.

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The needs of this quickly evolving 21st century global workforce creates both an economic and social imperative to ensure students in lower socioeconomic brackets are equipped to engage in the STEM sector at parity with their peers.

Why Robotics?

Robotics is a project-based method of teaching vital technical skills in electrical engineer, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Project-based learning encourages competency in these STEAM skills that get carried onward into future careers and academics.

The design

Every Kid Gets a Robot was designed in 3D modeling software, SOLIDWORKS, by our founder.


The robot is manufactured from the bioplastic PLA and consists of four 3D-printed pieces. The assembly process and CAD background teaches design and additive manufacturing knowledge.


The robot operates on an ESP32 Development Board and utilizes a simple circuit with a breadboard that can be edited easily by the student to add more features. Students learn how to read an electrical diagram and effectively create a circuit.


The robot is programmed in the open-source Arduino IDE (Java, C, and C++). It is app-controlled via a program we wrote, hosted on Blynk. For students who don't have access to WiFi, there is a loop pre-programmed on the microcontroller for use.

The Environment

We manufacture our robots in PLA (polylactic acid) made from recycled plastic. We run a reusable Return-A-Robot program where students can return their robots to be reused and repurposed by us. 


Every Kid Gets a Robot began as a project through FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4384, Benzene Bots from International Academy East where our founder was a student. This project was later transformed into a project by us to create the less than $20 dollar design and to offer it to children for free.

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bring ekgar to your community

We have recently adjusted our distribution method due to the pandemic. We will not be offering in-person classes for the foreseeable future to ensure that everyone is safe.

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The Make-A-Robot Platform

Fill out our form to get access to our online robot materials to make your own robots from scratch. After our screening process, we provide our CADs for 3D printing, electrical diagrams, educational materials, and more. 

We do our best to screen everyone filling out our form quickly, but please be patient with us. We are a small team of all student volunteers and receive thousands of applications weekly.

for classrooms

Intended for organizations and schools only.

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The Virtual

With classes going online due to the pandemic, we made sure that EKGAR could adapt to our new educational challenges. Partner with us to bring EKGAR kits to your students. We will teach the Zoom class, ship the robots to your students doorstep, and offer needed resources along the way.

We do our best to respond to every inquiry quickly, but please be patient with us. We are a small team of all student volunteers and receive thousands of applications weekly.

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Ready to Go: The Kit

We know that your classroom has changed due to the pandemic. Teach your own EKGAR class virtually and get the robots shipped to your students doorsteps with all of the materials needed to succeed.

We do our best to respond to every inquiry quickly, but please be patient with us. We are a small team of all student volunteers and receive thousands of applications weekly.

funding & distribution

How we are able to offer our robots for free and what that means for your classroom. When applying for robots, indicate your financial need on our form.  Robots are distributed based on both supply and need. We are currently in the process of developing a self-sustainable financial model and are scaling our manufacturing capabilities to bring robotics to every child.

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One on One

An educational organization or institution requests a set number of robots for their classroom. The organization funds their desired number of kits and gives them to their students for free or keep them in their classroom for continued use.

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We form a three-pronged partnership between The STEAM Connection, an educational organization in need of robots, and a company who wants to fund a set number of robots.  The robots are sent to the students for free. This method is often used for special or annual events.

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Via our consistent flow of donations to our organization, we provide robots for free to organizations and individuals who apply here. We prioritize organizations providing opportunities for the traditionally left behind, specifically organizations serving Indigenous or LGBTQ+ students.