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Boozhoo (hello)!


My name is Danielle Boyer and I'm a girl who makes robots and gives them all away! I created The STEAM Connection when I was 18-years-old and tired of how inaccessible technical education was and still is. Growing up, I firsthand saw how a lack of technical educational opportunities set youths back. Sadly, it is an all too common experience for many youths. I saw the power that robots had to change our world for the better, but also saw how expensive and inaccessible they were. I want all youths to have access to quality technical educational resources. Education in technology enables economic development, connectivity, and innovation. It is more than that, though, it is making sure that every youth has an equal opportunity to engage in our modern and tech-driven world.

When I joined a robotics team in high school, I did not fit in. I felt like I had to fight for respect that I'd never receive as a girl who loves robots. I created my organization because every child deserves to have a safe place to learn and grow and because STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education should be accessible to all youths.

Here at The STEAM Connection, we tackle these issues by developing, manufacturing, and distributing accessible high-quality, unique, and culturally competent technical educational resources with an emphasis on robotics. We are youth and minority run and focus on serving Indigenous youths like myself. Our goal is to reduce inequities that prevent many minorities and girls from pursuing science and technology careers and to enable every young mind to be empowered through STEM to create the change that they want to see in our world.

Why is our work vital? The current lack of diversity in STEM, through race and gender, is a larger disparity than many realize. Our work continues to bring awareness to these gaps and to help close them, creating a greatly more diverse community in STEM.


Together we can create the future that we want to see. Join us on our journey.

Miigwech (thank you) and with love,


Danielle Boyer
Founder, The STEAM Connection




The percentage of non-white workers in STEM careers.
 (Pew Research Center)


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