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Making Technical Education Accessible

We are tired.

Most science and technology courses aren't built for our community. If you sign up for a STEM class, you are very likely to pay a lot to be taught a couple of the same skills. You aren't likely to have intensive hands-on activities, representative or culturally responsible instructors or curriculum, or the resources to finish the program with success. What if you do not have a computer mouse, or tools, or a soldering iron? 

Our youth need more if they are actually going to pursue science and technology careers. They need intensive support with resources that are built for them. We supplement our educational tools with free innovative classes and programs built with culturally competent curriculum, representative instructors, and hands-on hybrid learning. We look at unique ways of supporting our students with youth-led and peer-to-peer models. We ship out all the resources needed for students to participate in our programs and fund everything. We offer charitable initiatives, and not public services.


It's more than that, though, we have panels to learn about science and technology, industry events that we participate in and share our experiences through, and so much more. Whether you want to book us to teach for you, attend a class, volunteer to help us out, donate to support our programs, or attend an event we are speaking at... there is a lot to do. Let's get started.



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