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Building The Future

The highlights.

Supporting our communities through initiatives that focus on our youth holistically. 

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Super Sisters

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Users during a month of Beta testing.


Of users self-identify as girls.

A free educational app designed for BIPOC middle school girls. It leverages augmented reality and culturally responsive content to make STEM learning engaging and relatable. The app provides interactive gamified modules and includes mental health resources to promote holistic well-being. Super Sisters aims to bridge the STEM representation gap, inspire girls' interest in STEM subjects, and empower them with relevant skills and knowledge for future success. It is led and guided by a first-generation Salvadorian teen.

An overview of our biggest present initiatives:

  • SkoBots, Indigenous language revitalization robots.

  • Every Kid Gets a Robot (EKGAR), an accessible robotics kit that has been distributed to over 11,000 times.

  • Make-A-Robot Virtual Learning Platform - for educators and youths focused on STEM learning and curriculum with over 34,000 users.

  • Super Sisters: STEM Superheroes - An augmented reality holistic wellness and STEM learning app for BIPOC girls.

  • AI Youth Cohort.

  • SkoBots Shop.

  • And many more

An overview of our biggest past initiatives:

  • Advocacy at the White House for mental health and Indigenous issues through the White House Tribal Youth Forum and the MTV Youth Advocacy Day.

  • Books for Dine Bikeyah.

  • Hands-On Techie Talks, an Apple Podcast charting podcast.

  • Educational events and panels including ones hosted by Matterhackers, SOLIDWORKS, FIRST Robotics, Qualcomm Inc., Verizon, IndigiPopX, AISES, American Indian Services, various Tribal schools, MIT, Michigan Youth Empowerment Foundation, Born This Way Foundation, Earth Hacks, United Nation's Girl Up Leadership Summit, Usher's New Look, Captain Planet Foundation, Girls Inc., GreenBiz, CalTech, and many more. 

  • And many more

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