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The Why

Amplifying Youth Voices

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You can't be what you can't see. Delve into the world of technology and engineering for social change with us. It's more than just robots: we talk about our experiences as minorities navigating STEM and get personal on what we've learned and on the power of community-centered work.

Request us for your next inspirational keynote, panel, industry event, or educational program. 

We love to share our experiences, so we talk on a wide array of topics intersecting personal identity, science and technology, educational innovation, sustainable design and creating a better world, and the importance of diversity and representation.

Sharing our voices matters to us because we didn't grow up seeing people like us in science and technology careers. When you book us, you are bringing the youth perspective to your event. Amplifying our voices helps us make lasting change and show our youth and community that they belong in these industries.

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By sharing our voices, we have two goals:

1) Inspire the next generation of brilliant minds and show our youth that they belong.
2) Equip corporations and organizations with the tools needed to make sustainable change.

The Who

The Who

We've spoken for Adobe, Qualcomm Inc., Verizon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Solve, MTV, California Institute of Technology, the United Nation's Girl Up Summit, Born This Way Foundation, Captain Planet Foundation, GreenBiz, University of Michigan, Usher's New Look, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dassault Systemes (SOLIDWORKS), and many more. We've also shared stages with Bill Gates, Dr. Jane Goodall, and more.



Danielle Boyer (Founder) speaking for the Adobe Tech Summit 2022.


Request speakers for your next event.

Reach us at We will be traveling from Southern California.

What People are Saying

About our founder, Danielle Boyer

"Hearing you talk so openly about your experiences as a woman in STEM and an Indigenous person, but also seeing how much you've already achieved at such a young age and how driven you are was simply very inspiring. Thank you for making the time to see us and thank you for reminding me of why I initially decided to study here...."

— Ala, Student, Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program at the University of Michigan


We are open to travel requests and in-person events. We are likely to be traveling from the Southern California area.

We work with flexible budgets and love speaker requests from nonprofits and youth-led organizations that don't have large budgets. We prioritize these events.

We love speaking with all audiences, whether it be a classroom of students or a corporate environment! We have age appropriate activities planned for your next event.

We cannot accept or reply to all of speaker requests due to the amount we receive, but we try our best! This is why we are not represented by a speaking agency at this time. Our robots and community come first.

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