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Diversity and representation is a core value of The STEAM Connection because it means that we are supporting the communities that we are both a part of and work with. 

American Indian Science & Engineering So
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Diversity Presentation

Utilize a presentation that our founder gave to the fantastic SOLIDWORKS Champions to learn more about our recent initiatives, how to determine your core values, and what you can do to diversify STEAM.

A family EduTech podcast encouraging hands-on learning during the pandemic. Hosted by our founder, Danielle Boyer, and our ambassador Vinaya Gunasekar. Coming soon!

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Diversity Decoded

This study was done by Intel in 2016 and covers statistics on the lack of diversity seen within the tech sector. These numbers haven't changed much since 2000, and this is a problem. Also learn more about what you can do to diversify your workplace effectively. 

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Our Art

We are so passionate about diversity and representation that it appears in even our art! We want to provide these resources to you for noncommercial use so that the people you work with know that they have a place in STEAM.

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