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Creating diverse, accessible, and affordable Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math educational materials for young kids by students.


Our Books

We bring free STEAM education to thousands of young children through our STEAM Cultural Connection Series.

Our Robots

Every Kid Gets a Robot is a robot developed in early 2019 that costs $18.95 dollars and goes to kids for free. It engages kids in everything from 3D printing to Electrical Engineering.

Our Events

Our new events are live!


Check out our January classes for grades K-12 in Oakland County, Michigan USA today.

Why we do It

While mentoring and working with countless robotics teams our founder, Danielle Boyer, found that STEAM educational resources weren't readily available for all children. Many lower socioeconomic families simply didn't have the same chances at a solid STEAM education as other children did. She also noticed that many minorities didn't have the same access to STEAM educational materials or opportunities as other children did. Boyer felt like this was wrong and wanted to tackle the problem with resources that children could get for free or next to free. She decided to start with a five part STEAM book series, a robot named Every Kid Gets a Robot that costs $18.95 dollars, and with classes and events that she puts on in her community.


According to Catalyst, "In 2014-2015, women of color earned a small percentage of bachelor's degrees across all STEM fields:
Black women: 2.9%
Latinas: 3.6%
Asian women: 4.8%"


According to the National Science Foundation, "Science/engineering bachelor's degrees earned by American Indian or Alaska Native women... 2014: 1,763."


Here at The STEAM Connection, we believe that it is our duty to continue to change these statistics and that every child deserves representation and access to STEAM educational materials. 


Our goal is to be a sustainable and consistent resource to our global STEAM community through accessible education. We do not make a profit and our books are free to benefit the community.

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