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We build STEAM Superheros by creating diverse, accessible, and affordable Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math educational materials for youth by youth.


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Our Robots

We pride ourselves in affordable and accessible robotics content for kids. We offer free robotics kits and robotics resources designed in-house by students that you can access right now. We value teaching kids about everything from 3D printing to electrical engineering in a project-based and environmentally sustainable way.

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Welcome to The STEAM Connection

We are a student-run 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity based out of Troy, Michigan USA.

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Our Podcast

We recently launched a weekly hands-on educational podcast for kids called Hands-On Techie Talks with our founder, Danielle Boyer, and our 13-year-old ambassador Vinaya Gunasekar about environmental innovation. We are on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Audible!

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Our Classes

Discover your STEAM superpowers through the free classes that we teach. We put on hundreds of events to ensure that every student has access to only the best resources.

Also, check out the industry events that our team members participate in and speak at and consider booking them for your next event.

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AISES People

American Indian Science & Engineering Society

Read about our founder, Danielle Boyer (Ojibwe), in the latest issue of Winds of Change by AISES. AISES is a game changer for Indigenous STEAM students and professionals alike. We are proud of what they are doing for our communities.

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Our Books

We bring free STEAM education to thousands of young children through our diverse children's content. Every child deserves representation and to see characters that look like them.

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Watch Us on NBC

L'Oreal Women of Worth Special

Viola Davis, Eva Longoria, Camila Cabello and other A-list stars share their appreciation for everyday women dedicated to uplifting their communities by honoring their personal journeys and extraordinary efforts to make a difference in the world. Watch our founder, Danielle Boyer, now!

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We are students. We are minorities. We are STEAM.

An Upcoming Photo Campaign Showcasing Student STEAM Changemakers. 
Made for the kids who haven't seen themselves represented in STEAM. You all are superheros.


Michelle Chuang (Indonesian/Chinese)

Electrical Engineer

Made for the kids who haven't seen themselves in STEAM.

Be the superhero that you wish to see.


Danielle Boyer (Ojibwe)

Robotics Designer

Find this picture in PEOPLE Magazine.


Varun Sridhar (South Indian)


Building a future that we want to see.

Why Accessible STEAM?

A Message from our Founder: Danielle Boyer

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STEAM educational resources aren't readily available for all children, especially girls and minorities, and I created The STEAM Connection to change that. My team and I tackle these issues by developing free high-quality resources that can be utilized in even the most underfunded areas. It is through these resources, we are able to promote technical competency in STEAM as well as help others gain a better understanding and appreciation of the world around us. We believe that the greatest inventive and innovative solutions of the future, in education, technology, and engineering, will be created through a diverse community with people from numerous cultures and backgrounds. 

Why is our work vital? The current lack of diversity in STEAM, through race and gender, is a larger disparity than many realize. Our work continues to bring awareness to these gaps and to help close them, creating a greatly more diverse community in STEAM.

According to the National Science Foundation, a study from 2014 gave a clear view into the drastic lack of diversity in STEAM, a problem seen at even greater disparities in women. The following data from the study shows the percentage of bachelor's degrees awarded to underrepresented groups in STEM.

       Total% [% of women]

       0.50% [0.28%]

       9.02% [4.34%]

       8.28% [5.13%]

       11.51% [6.47%]     

        0.25% [0.13%]

Here at The STEAM Connection, our mission and purpose is to continue improving these statistics so that every child is represented within STEAM while having access to STEAM educational materials. While keeping to our mission and purpose, it is our goal to remain a sustainable and consistent resource to our global STEAM community through accessible education. We do not make any profit and we are dedicated to continually changing our world for the better.

        Example demographic

        American Indian/Alaska Native

        Asian or Pacific Islander

        Black or African American                           

        Hispanic or Latino

        Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 


Happy Pride month, everyone!



congrats varun

Varun Sridhar (Board Member) will be joining the University of California Berkeley to pursue his PhD in their Plant and Microbial Biology department in the fall! We are so proud of all of his hard work and for all of the good in the world that will come as a result of his research.


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