Creating diverse, accessible, and affordable Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math educational materials for young kids by students.

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Women of Worth

Our founder, Danielle Boyer, is a L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Honoree. Vote for her below. We've decided to send our winnings to AISES (American Indian Science & Engineering Society) to support Indigenous peoples in STEAM. 

We have the opportunity to send an additional $25,000 dollars. Vote for Danielle today and everyday!

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Our Robots

We pride ourselves in affordable and accessible robotics content for kids. Every Kid Gets a Robot is a robotics kit that costs $18.95 dollars and goes to kids for free. It was designed to teach kids about everything from 3D printing to electrical engineering in a project-based way.  

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Our Podcast

We recently launched a hands-on educational podcast called Hands-On Techie Talks with our founder, Danielle Boyer, and our 12-year-old ambassador Vinaya Gunasekar. This season is all about Environmental Innovation.

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Our Classes

We put on hundreds of events for kids in our community to promote advanced STEAM learning. Our new classes will be launching soon!

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Our Books

We bring free STEAM education to thousands of young children through our diverse children's content. Every child deserves representation and to see characters that look like them.

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Why Accessible STEAM? - A Message from our Founder
Danielle Boyer

STEAM educational resources aren't readily available for all children, especially girls and minorities, and I created The STEAM Connection to change that. I tackle these issues with free or affordable high-quality resources that can be utilized in even the most underfunded areas. I do this to promote technical competency and a general understanding and appreciation of the world around us. I believe that melding focuses in environmental science via recycling education, technology, and engineering will help us promote the most innovative solutions of the future. 

Why our work is vital:


According to Catalyst, "In 2014-2015, women of color earned a small percentage of bachelor's degrees across all STEM fields:
Black women: 2.9%
Latinas: 3.6%
Asian women: 4.8%"


According to the National Science Foundation, "Science/engineering bachelor's degrees earned by American Indian or Alaska Native women... 2014: 1,763."


Here at The STEAM Connection, we believe that it is our duty to continue to change these statistics and that every child deserves representation and access to STEAM educational materials. 


Our goal is to be a sustainable and consistent resource to our global STEAM community through accessible education. We do not make a profit and we are dedicated to changing our world for the better.

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