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Native Students Building Every Kid Gets a Robot at the UC Riverside Gathering of the Tribe

Girls in STEM


Meetings Held in Room 100, Tuesdays @ Lunch

The Girls in STEM Club is a dynamic initiative aimed at inspiring and empowering girls in STEM careers and learning. Our goal is to make STEM engaging and fun through coding classes, outreach programs, leadership roles, competitions, and hands-on projects. We nurture confidence, problem-solving skills, and creativity while fostering a supportive community that encourages girls to explore, learn, and excel in STEM. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and empowerment!

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We can't wait for you to celebrate STEM with us!

Our why.

Why STEM needs to support girls so that they can pursue the career of their dreams.


Of girls don't know a woman in a STEM profession. [a]


Of the STEM workforce is male. [b]


Of workers in STEM careers are non-white. [c]


Of middle school girls express an interest in STEM. [d]

Statistic explanations and sources below.


About Me

Alexandra Villanueva is a 15-year-old first-generation Salvadoran youth based in Los Angeles working to make computer science spaces safe for girls. In 4th grade, she tried to join a robotics team but was the only girl at the first meeting she attended. The other students were rude to her, and it kept her from pursuing her interests in STEM until years later when she stumbled across the youth organization The STEAM Connection. Now, Alexandra is a STEM changemaker who is passionate about representing her culture and creating resources for BIPOC girls who may have had the same experiences that she has had, with a focus on wellness and mental health which is often not prioritized in minority households. She is an ambassador of The STEAM Connection and is passionate about using her skills in coding to create solutions for girls just like her. She has a University of Southern California Certificate of Young Programmers, has completed their Web Development Camp, and is currently creating her app, Super Sisters, to make STEM accessible. Alexandra is also an honors student, volunteer for the wellness of local at-risk youth, a Varsity state qualifier and marathon runner, and is passionate about cultural culinary arts.

The Stats:

An overview of the STEM disconnect for young BIPOC girls:

  • [a] According to "Closing the STEM Gap" by Microsoft, girls are more likely to show interest in STEM subjects and pursue STEM careers when they have access to educational materials that feature relatable role models and highlight the relevance of STEM to their own lives. However, 64% of girls don't know a woman in  STEM profession.

  • [b] The STEM workforce is 72% male (Society of Women Engineers).

  • [c] Only 33% of workers in STEM careers are non-white (Pew Research Center).

  • [d] 74% of middle school girls express an interest in engineering, science, and math, but only 0.4% choose computer science as a major when they get to college. Reported by Girls Who Code.

  • STEM Divide: “STEM is not available to all learners” – The White House.


Given these challenges, technical education becomes a vital tool for empowering our communities. By providing access to culturally responsive technology, training, and resources, it helps bridge the digital divide and equips individuals with the skills needed to thrive now. Technical education also opens doors to career opportunities in the tech sector, where our voices and perspectives are often underrepresented. The lack of diverse perspectives hampers the progress of scientific research, limits innovation, and undermines efforts to address the unique challenges faced by our communities. It is essential to create inclusive and supportive environments in STEM education and workplaces, recognizing and valuing the contributions of our people. Moreover, technical education fosters self-determination by allowing our communities to assert control over our own technological development. It enables us to address specific needs and challenges we face, promoting community resilience and self-sufficiency.

The Girls in STEM club is not overseen or operated by The STEAM Connection. 

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