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STEAM for the Hospitalized

Bringing free STEAM kits to children who are hospitalized in Michigan to introduce them to the world of innovation.

Vinaya Gunasekar x The STEAM Connection

Exposing STEAM to kids early in their lives is very important for them to learn about the world of possibilities relating to science and technology. Soon, they will be the innovators leading our world. However, for many children, STEAM educational opportunities are not readily available. Hospitalized children, especially during the pandemic, have even less learning opportunities than their non-hospitalized counterparts. 

My name is Vinaya Gunasekar, and I am a 12-year-old future engineer and current ambassador at The STEAM Connection. My current mission is to introduce STEAM to hospitalized children in a way that they will remember. I am doing this through STEAM activity kits. They consist of STEAM activity pages (created by The STEAM Connection) with diverse characters and a set of Crayons. These free kits will be a huge stepping stone to introducing kids to the world of STEAM when they may not be introduced otherwise. I want to start with bringing these kits to kids in Michigan. The STEAM Connection was founded in Troy, MI and we are all passionate about giving back to our local communities. 

Only ~$200 dollars will fund these STEAM activity kits with the coloring utensils and printing of the activity pages for ~1,000 kids. We ask for your support in helping us fund these kits so that the hospitals don't have to and to also share our goal on social media to help increase awareness. We will keep these web page updated with where the sheets are going and how many have been sent.

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Donate Here

Help us provide these opportunities for students! PayPal The STEAM Connection founder, Danielle Boyer, and let her know that you want to support the STEAM for the Hospitalized initiative. Thank you for your support!

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Help us reach others with our goal. You can use our sharable graphic to post on your social media. We have a Twitter graphic, an Instagram graphic, and a graphic for your Facebook and Instagram stories. 

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Cultural Connection Sampler 

The STEAM Cultural Connection Sampler by The STEAM Connection introduces children to diversity in STEAM and to STEAM careers. This short activity book is free and contains many engaging STEAM activities. It was created to open kids eyes to the innumerable possibilities of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. 


Why Me?

This fundraiser was started by a 12 year old change maker who cares about educating kids in less fortunate situations on STEAM, and opening their eyes to all of the possibilities out there with diverse engaging learning activities.

Vinaya Gunasekar
 12-Year-Old Changemaker

The STEAM Connection Ambassador

Vinaya Gunasekar is a member of the FIRST robotics team Infinity and Beyond. She goes to Boulan Park Middle School in Troy MI. She aims to provide STEAM learning opportunities to kids in less fortunate situations. She is currently working on making STEAM activity sheets available for the hospitalized. Vinaya is also co-hosting 

with The STEAM Connection founder Danielle Boyer for the upcoming educational Bots with Boyer podcast.