Our team is entirely made up of high school and undergraduate students who are passionate about STEAM subjects and STEAM education.


Our Team: Consistent Team Members

Danielle Boyer, 19

"I’m a 19-year-old who is STEAM obsessed. I am an entrepreneur, inventor, author, and educator. I mentor and assist 35 robotics teams. I graduated from Troy High School in 2018 and am currently studying Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering."

Resource Manager
Dakshesh Daruri, 16

Dakshesh is a Senior at International Academy East and President of FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4384 Benzene Bots. He is an avid supporter of STEAM education, giving frequent lectures and teaching classes for The STEAM Connection.

January 2019

The STEAM Cultural Connection Series:
The Artists

Ana Avila, 16

"I am attending Adams High School. I am interested in become an graphic designer."

Susanne Udell, 14

"I'm a freshman at Rochester High School, and I like drawing (pencils & colored pencil), figure skating and piano."

Apoorva Mirji,14

"Sophomore at Troy High School. Enjoys painting, science, and spreading STEM throughout the community."

Cindy Lee, 16

"I attend Rochester Adams High School and am a member of the AdamBots. Besides working with the team, I also love playing piano, video games, reading, and folding origami in my free time." 

Jack Stromberg, 17

"Senior at Troy High School. Football & rugby player, wrestler. Enjoy writing, drawing, and the outdoors. Have always had a passion for animals."

Sristi Chilla, 16

Troy High School student and talented artist.

Our art team contributed to 12 pages total in the Art and Science books and we are extremely thankful!

Event Volunteers & Instructors

Anthony Galea, 21

FIRST alum, mentor, and Computer Science student at Saginaw Valley State University.

Rashika Rao, 20

FIRST alum and a student in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Vasanth Abunkumar, 19

FIRST alum, mentor, and Mechanical Engineering student.

Poornima Pieris

A Research Engineer with an M.S. Bioengineering from Harvard University and a B.S. Materials Science Environmental Engineering and Nanotechnology. She’s also a Forbes Science Contributor, Scientista Foundation & Thrive writer, NASA Space Grant recipient, and amazing woman to talk to!

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