About Shawn Ray

McNair Research Scholar

Oklahoma Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (OK-LSAMP) Research Scholar

United Negro College Fund (UNCF) / KOCH Scholar

Cobell and Chief Manuelito Scholar

2019 Oklahoma State University AISES Chapter Student of the Year

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About Shawn

Shawn is an Afro-Indigenous student of the Dine (Navajo) tribe currently studying Electrical Engineering. During his years as a undergraduate, Shawn has become an accomplished scholar earning multiple awards and recognitions for his academic success. Shawn is actively working towards breaking the barrier by being a successful minority within STEAM as well as being an active student researcher. At Oklahoma State University, Shawn researches the properties of nylon coils for their applications in robotic exoskeletons. After meeting our founder, Danielle Boyer, at the 2019 AISES National Conference, he learned of The STEAM Connection and the goals of bringing accessible educational materials to youth. Now as a STEAM Connection Board Member, he is actively working to help bring educational mateirals to underrepresented communities, particularly Black and Ingignous communities

Getting Started

Shawn began his joureny within STEAM during his high shcool years taking engineering related courses. His drive and passion for engineering led him to graduate high school with honors as well as join a research design team at his university. As the Chief Designer of the Space Cowboys, Shawn led the charge for developing a tool to meet the 2018 challenge presented by NASA Micro-g NExT, sealing a breach in the International Space Station. The teams work paid off and Shawn helped present the tool to NASA engineers and former astronauts at the Neutral Bouyancy Laboratoy (NBL) in Houston, Texas. Shawn's work with NASA inspired him to pursue further research opportunities by joining a lab within his university focusing on developing artifical muscles for robotic exoskeleton applications. In completing over a year of research with the lab, Shawn presented his resarch at numerous conferences gaining valuable experience for his future endeavors.


And Beyond

With his current experience, Shawn hopes to soon join a PhD program to study more into the area of robotics and become an expert in the field. In addition to his work with the STEAM Connection, he hopes that his accomplishments can help inspire and uplift the next generation of STEAM leaders and contribute to bridging the gap in diversity within STEAM.


Contact Us

Our workshop and classroom is located at 330 E Maple Rd, Suite B, Troy MI USA, 48083. We are not open to the public. Thank you for this donated space, InVanse Technologies.

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