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Pulling from diverse perspectives to offer fun and engaging virtual STEAM panels for students. All of our panels are virtual for the foreseeable future.

A complete update of our past and upcoming events is coming soon.

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STEAM Careers in Action

All things career and college can cause a lot of anxiety for students, so we want to aid their journey as STEAM students on how to create manageable career goals, how to create a work and life balance, and much more. This panel is brought to you by Danielle Boyer, our founder, and Varun Sridar, our board member who is a future Microbiologist.  

College Lecture

August 17th, 2020

High School

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Engineering Plans

June 26th, 2020

Middle School

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Different Types of Engineers:
Q&A Panel

There is more to engineering than meets the eye. Meet a diverse group of engineers who love their job in everything from robotics to designing for social media. This is an opportunity to learn about jobs you otherwise may never have known about and to ask questions. 

Our panelists: Rob Maldonado, Aidan Aird, Michelle Chuang, Shawn Ray, Jorvon Moss, Aishwarya Arvind, and Danielle Boyer.

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Science in our World

Learn to see the science behind everything with youth panelists from The STEAM Connection who have unique perspectives to offer as engineering students, environmental activists, and as future scientists. Students will walk away with heightened critical thinking and problem solving skills to utilize in their everyday lives.

Science Class

April 20th, 2020

Grades 4-7

A complete archive of past events is coming soon.