An affordable, simple, and creative robotics resource for students designed in-house and for educational purposes only. This resource is open-source and free for you to use in your classroom!

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Meet twenty

Our founder, Danielle Boyer, recently turned 20-years-old. Here at The STEAM Connection, we'd normally be celebrating by putting on a robotics event or volunteering to helps kids learn about STEAM. This year with the pandemic, we decided to shake things up by releasing a new educational robot. Twenty is an affordable, simple, and creative robotics kit that you can assemble for free at home. This resource is open source and was created as a gift to express our gratitude to our loyal supporters, our students, and our communities.

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Get Your Parts

Where to purchase your robot parts online and what tools you'll need to get started. This list is oriented towards ordering parts in bulk for a classroom.

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Wiring Your Robot

Access our electrical diagrams for educators to learn how to wire your robot to make it run! This is the fun part. 

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Design Files: Start Creating

Our robot was proudly designed in SOLIDWORKS. Unlock our design files to 3D print and assemble the robot with your components, a cereal box, and a 3D printer!

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Combine your 3D prints, cardboard cutouts, and wiring to make a robot that is ready to be programmed with a simple assembly guide and video.

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Access our coding instructions for your robot! Also download our code to upload right away to make your robot run right away, crazy right?!

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Keep Creating

It's almost 2021! Access the rest of our materials, like educational resources and how to decorate your robot! 

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The Creators: Twenty

Meet our founder, Danielle Boyer, and our design mentor, Rob Malonado (@virtualflatcad). Both are dedicated to providing technical educational opportunities to kids and want to share their love of robotics and invention with the world.


Founder, The STEAM Connection
Danielle Boyer

Danielle is a young Indigenous entrepreneur, author, educator, and inventor from Troy, MI who founded The STEAM Connection. She has worked in STEAM education since she was ten-year-old and continuously works to increase STEAM educational accessibility, affordability, and diversity for children. Boyer is now one of PEOPLE's Girls Changing the World, is a L'Oreal Woman of Worth, and was recently featured in an NBC special to share her work with The STEAM Connection. She has brought her work to tens of thousands of kids and shows no signs of stopping.

Design Mentor
Rob Maldonado 

Rob Maldonado is an accomplished mechanical engineer, 3D modeling content creator, and educator. Designing new mechanical systems every single day through his model of the day challenge, Maldonado works to push the capabilities and potential of 3D modeling, while promoting education for the young and old alike. Maldonado is known for his replication of old 2D mechanical models throughout history in different 3D modeling software. His social media influence has helped him bring his creativity and ideas to over 44 thousand people worldwide through Instagram. 

Rob Maldonado's YouTube Channel