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Brought to you by The STEAM Connection and Little Moccasins Education Services

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A core value of ours is to provide representation for minorities in STEAM, something that really doesn't exist right now. We want every little girl who sees our art to feel proud of herself for her interests and passions and to know that she belongs. All of our art is by our founder, Danielle Boyer, and is provided to you for noncommercial use.

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We recently opened a Teespring store with the lowest prices possible so that the young girls in your life could have apparel and stickers with characters that represent them.

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A family EduTech podcast encouraging hands-on learning during the pandemic. Hosted by our founder, Danielle Boyer, and our ambassador Vinaya Gunasekar. Coming soon!

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STEAM Strong Posters

Diversifying your classroom or home with our creative and diverse STEAM posters, created by our founder, Danielle Boyer, for free with non-commercial use. Every child deserves to see themselves represented in STEAM.

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