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Electronic Circuit

The STEAM Cultural Connection Series

Five Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math books for kids primarily in grades K-3. 

Children's Books Aren't Diverse Enough
The Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison published 2018 statistics on diversity in published children’s books. While 50% of the characters were white and 27% were animals/other, there were only 1% American Indian characters and 5% Latinx characters. Even then, the largest portion of minority characters were Black with 10%. 


Horrified by these statistics, we decided to tackle this problem by self-publishing five free diverse STEAM books for grades K-3 in January 2019. In the Continuing Culture version of the series, their absence of words and numerals allows children from any culture to enjoy learning about everything from environmental conservation to robotics. This has allowed the books to go to over 15,000 kids for free. They feature empowering children of different ethnicities, with different religions, and with disabilities. Children's books shouldn't be isolating or unrelatable, and we are eager to continue to see more changes like this being made in the children's book community.


Upcoming Work

We are currently developing a second version of our books with improved graphic design and longer captions. They are specifically geared toward girls. You can see the updated covers above. We in the testing and development phase.


They are due to be released at the end of 2020. We are still looking for publishers to work with so that we can expand our scope. We also are working on an app so that we can reduce our paper usage. Until then, we will not be releasing any more of our Version One books.