3DEXPERIENCE World x The STEAM Connection

Nashville, TN | February 9 - 12 2020

Increasing STEAM Accessibility, One Robot at a Time

Dassault Systemes has partnered with Danielle Boyer, our founder, and The STEAM Connection to assemble 150 Every Kid Gets a Robot kits with attendees at the 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 conference. Every Kid Gets a Robot costs less than $20 dollars and was designed in the SOLIDWORKS software by Danielle. Made out of four 3D printed pieces and simple electrical components, the robots are perfect to provide STEM education to kids of all ages. These robots will go to provide education in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science to kids for free. Since the robot's inception in January of 2019, the robots have gone to hundreds of kids for free.

The robots will be distributed by us here at The STEAM Connection, which is run by young students in STEM who are mostly high school students. 

The 3DEXPERIENCE Playground:
Assemble Every Kid Gets a Robot

Where the Robots are Going

Long Island Science Center

The Long Island Science Center focuses on K-12 education and has various educational programs to give back to the community. They pull kids out of homeless shelters and foster their education through their remarkable STEM programs, kids who would otherwise not even be able to attend school. Most of the students they work with live below the poverty line and the Science Center is crucial to their development. They also partner with other programs to help young women from their local communities.

Girl Scout Troop 2229 

From the rural city of Tigerton in Wisconsin. Most of the students in the community receive free or reduced lunches and there are limited opportunities for children in the area besides sports. They are close to a couple of Native reservations.

The girls are working on their robotics badges and also have helped test our new books due for release soon from The STEAM Connection.

The Lummi Nation in Bellingham, WA

The robots are going to engage Native students through the Northwest Indian College in 3D printing, basic technology skills, and innovation. The goal is to inspire future leaders to continue robotics and STEM. The robots will be utilized by their local AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) chapter and their Robotics/Rocket/Drone Club.

A strong leader in their community and student at the Northwest Indian College, William Alvarez, will be partnering to present with our founder, Danielle Boyer, at the AISES Leadership Summit 2020 in Temecula, CA. They will be lecturing on "Overcoming Perfectionism and Embracing Mistakes."

The MassCUE Lab - Gordon W. Mitchell Middle School

The Gordon W. Mitchell Middle School is in Bridgewater, MA. They have a wonderful STEAM lab led by Tori Cameron, an author, podcaster, and educator. She is the creator of the fantastic podcast STEAM Up The Classroom, which our founder, Danielle Boyer, has been featured on. She reaches hundreds of students every single day through VR education, advanced STEAM lessons, and fun activities. The robots will allow her students to take their own piece of STEAM education home with them.

The Phoenix AISES Professional Chapter

The Phoenix AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) Professional Chapter, named AISES chapter of the year in 2018, is from Phoenix, AZ. They are diverse group of respected professionals within the technical and business communities. They do a lot of amazing outreach to give back to their local tribal communities and work to increase participation and interest in STEM careers. 

Burlington Alamance County NC SOLIDWORKS User Group

The BACoN SWUG organization is run through Alamance Community College and does a lot to engage students and the community in STEM and in CAD (Computer-Aided Design). The group offers opportunities for members to grow their knowledge and skills related to SOLIDWORKS and provides training, software demonstrations, equipment demonstrations, and networking opportunities for free.

Their president, James Adkins, started a campaign to introduce more girls to STEM. He has done this through his WiSDEM (Women in Engineering, Design, & Manufacturing) campaign. He will utilize the robots to introduce 25 middle school girls to engineering and SOLIDWORKS.

The STEAM Connection: Meet Our Team

Danielle Boyer

19-year-old STEAM educator, entrepreneur, inventor, and author. As an Indigneous woman in STEAM, Danielle is dedicated to increasing STEAM eductional accessibility, affordability, and diversity. She currently mentors 35 robotics teams, has self-published 5 children's books, and has brought her less than $20 dollar robot to hundreds of students.

Danielle is currently pursuing a double major in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. She recently won the Governor's Service Award for Youth Volunteer of the Year and is a national speaker and volunteer dedicated to providing equal educational opportunity in STEAM for all.

Dakshesh Daruri

Dakshesh Daruri is a 17-year-old Senior at International Academy East. He is the President of FIRST Robotics Team 4384 Benzene Bots and is the Resource Manager here at The STEAM Connection. He frequently teaches and volunteers at classes for us and it is a massive blessing on our community. 

3DEXPERIENCE World used to be SOLIDWORKS World, and Dakshesh accompanied our founder, Danielle Boyer, at SWW19 in Dallas, TX. He also nominated Danielle for the Youth Volunteer of the Year award by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, which she ended up winning. 

Dakshesh wants to pursue Electrical Engineering in college and plans on starting his own college branch of The STEAM Connection. 

Poornima Pieris

Poornima Pieris is a graduate student at Harvard University currently pursuing a Masters in Bioengineering. She is a Forbes science contributor, the founder of the nonprofit STEMcorps, is a writer for the Scientista Foundation and Thrive, and is a NASA Space Grant recipient. Poornima is dedicated to bringing STEM to more people, especially women, and has taken significant measures to make that happen.

This is her first time attending 3DEXPERIENCE World and she is excited to help bring robotics education to lots of kids. 

Rashika Rao

Rashika Rao is a 20-year-old student at the Unversity of Michigan. She is currently pursuing Aerospace Engineering. Rashika loves promoting STEM, especially as Outreach Chair in the Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics group. She works as the Lab Manager at the Michigan Balloon Recovery and Satellite Testbed. Rashika is also a frequent and talented podcaster, working on multiple podcasters including The Michigan Daily.  

This is her first time attending 3DEXPERIENCE World!

Vasanth Anbukumar

Vasanth Abukumar is a 19-year-old student enrolled at Michigan State University who is pursuing Mechanical Engineering. He is alumni from FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4384 Benzene Bots and currently mentors them in SOLIDWORKS. He is a frequent instructor at The STEAM Connection and loves to promote STEM education in his community. 

This is his first time attending 3DEXPERIENCE World!

The Main Stage: Danielle Boyer

The SOLIDWORKS User Group Community: Our Fundraiser

Come See Danielle Speak

Our founder, Danielle Boyer, will be speaking at 3DEXPERIENCE World on the main stage on Education Day (2/12). FIRST Robotics founder and inventor Dean Kamen will also be speaking.

Additionally, Danielle will be giving an academic lecture on "K-12: How SOLIDWORKS Transformed our Educational Community." Join her to learn her K-12 teaching tips and assemble one of her robots!

The SOLIDWORKS User Group Network was kind enough to run a second annual t-shirt fundraiser for our Every Kid Gets a Robot initiative. The community has really rallied together to provide support and help us reach even more children.

A HUGE thank you to Todd Blacksher and Kam Smith for your support!